1. Went to a car show last week that had an incredible display of classic autos, including this 1965 Indy Racer. 

  2. Local Natives #vscocam #liveaudio

  3. And then theres me. 

  4. Haley at the falls Last Month

  5. Let it rain #vscocam

  6. Sometimes it’s too cold in the studio, so I go sit in my car. #vscocam

  7. The Last Snowfall. A short video I put together that can be found 


  8. Haley at/behind Minnehaha Falls. 

  9. Selfie!

  10. Tire Shop Pup.

  11. High School.

  12. Haley in Minneapolis

  13. A walk around tamarack with my friend Sammie last week. 

  14. My boss went on a mission trip to Haiti last week, and had me edit his photos. very cool to look at this year!

    Photos By Brian Shoberg

    Edited and curated by Casey Carlson

  15. Hello Tumblr followers! Im sorry to bother you with my long caption, but I have a request to make:

    Besides working as a freelance photographer, I also work with a Roseville company called Story of Us Films. I have had the incredible opportunity to work with a amazing team of people, visit some awesome places (I did not know the Minnesota history museum did wedding receptions. We had the whole museum to party in at one point) and on top of that, be a part of many a wedding day. I have had a blast working with them, and cannot wait to see what the next wedding season brings. Like quadcopters with GoPros on them. 

    Last year, we were excited to be a finalist for the MN Bride Magazine Best of 2013 Awards. The honor brought a lot of new faces to our door, and that was a huge win for us. Meeting these amazing people and being privileged to use our gifts to tell their stories is our mission. We are up for the running again this year, and it would be amazing if you could just take a minute to vote for us, and see where that honor would take us next. you only need to vote once! Here’s the rundown, which I stole from our Facebook page. 

    1.) Go here:
    2.) Type your name & info
    3.) Vote in at least 6 categories

    11 - Top of the Tiara - Bellagala
    15 - Best Outdoor Reception Site - The Woods Chapel
    16 - Best Indoor Reception Site - A’BULAE
    23 - Best Photography - Janelle Elise Photography
    24 - Best Photo Booth - The Traveling Photo Booth
    27 - Best Videography - Story of Us Films
    41 - Best Cake - Buttercream Wedding Cakes
    You need to vote for six categories, and if you know of another vendor that you would like to support, feel free to do so! Above are just a few of the vendors we have worked along side of, and we think they are pretty rad human beings. 
    Once again, thank you for your support! it means a lot to us. Feel free to watch the other videos we have made, and let me know whatchya think. Thanks Again!