1. Part II

  2. Zeke’s Birthday Band Bash

  3. Got off work a bit later than I wanted to, and was able to snap the last few moments of the back to the 50’s car show over at the fairgrounds. 

  4. Jessica. 

  5. Annie + David In Grand Forks this past weekend. 

  6. The unofficial start of summer.

  7. Of all the people I’ve had the pleasure of photographing, there’s one person I wish I still had the chance to see in my viewfinder. Happy Mother’s Day, mom. I miss you.

  8. I do apologize for my absence. Starting a new job leads to little sleep and lots of reading, thus little time for photos. Here’s what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks.

  9. Went to a car show last week that had an incredible display of classic autos, including this 1965 Indy Racer. 

  10. Local Natives #vscocam #liveaudio

  11. And then theres me. 

  12. Haley at the falls Last Month

  13. Let it rain #vscocam

  14. Sometimes it’s too cold in the studio, so I go sit in my car. #vscocam

  15. The Last Snowfall. A short video I put together that can be found